Cat Strathmann

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“My custom 2,300 square foot residence in East Beach was built in 2009 by M.D. Riley of Seaside Homes. I have known and done business with M.D.
for 40 years and could not imagine having chosen a more suitable builder whom I could trust to build a quality product at an incredibly fair price in
a reasonable time frame. In addition to providing a set of great home design plans, M.D. was willing to listen to my specific needs and make the
necessary changes to see that my home was tailor-built. His thoroughness was unmatched in terms of spelling out what I could expect from the
general building process, and his exceptional staff helped facilitate the daunting task of choosing paint and carpet colors in addition to helping me
make upgrade selections such as tile and appliances.

M.D.’s immense knowledge of all aspects of the construction process coupled with his no-nonsense, straightforward approach to project
management added a level of trust that played an integral part in my decision-making process, and I would highly recommend him to anyone
looking for a reputable home builder.”

Cat Strathmann
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