Construction Management

Pre-construction Meeting: Your home will be managed by M.D. and Hutch throughout the building process. They will be responsible for your home from the beginning of construction through completion of the job.

Construction Begins: As construction begins, there will be a series of onsite meetings allowing you to walk through each phase of construction.

Updates: M.D. & Hutch will always be in touch throughout construction to make sure your home building process goes smoothly.

Quality Control: M.D. & Hutch perform a series of inspections during the course of building your home to ensure everything is completed to Seaside standards and according to the plans and specifications.

Homeowner Orientation: Taking the time to walk through each phase of construction as your home is being built, promises compete satisfaction with every project. Prior to closing, Hutch takes buyers on a final walk-thru. During this final walk thru, buyer have the option to point out anything they find which may not meet the Seaside Homes standards. Prior to closing all final walk through items will be complete.

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