“We were very pleased with Seaside Homes during the process of constructing our house. The negotiated price for their work was fair and transparent, with no surprises. The crews were capable and friendly, and the work was completed in a timely manner. Seaside listened to our views throughout the construction process, and even made helpful suggestions for small changes from the architect’s proposal. We are very pleased with the quality of our house.

Even more importantly, when we have had a follow-on issue because of severe weather—and everyone does—Seaside has been very responsive. Seaside stands by its work. We recommend Seaside Homes without reservation.”

Jeff and Susan Bergner

“I chose Seaside Homes to build my custom home in East Beach, Norfolk, VA. From design concept/architectural drawings (with M.D. Riley) to completion, Seaside worked with me to ensure I was satisfied. Brian Hutchinson (Hutch) is a joy to work with – his commitment to delivering a quality home is unequaled. Anytime I have a question or a problem, Hutch is always there to help me.”

Donna Johnsen

“We love our home, and appreciate the follow-up Seaside still provides 5 years after we moved in!”

John and Gayle Green

“Building a home with Seaside Builders was exciting and fulfilling our goal to participate in all facets of the procedure. Many “advisors” told us, to be prepared to be frustrated, expect delays, and be ready to settle for something close to what we wanted. None of these issues came up, and we could not have enjoyed the new relationship with the Seaside team any more. We found the Seaside team co-operative, full of helpful ideas, and family friendly. M.D., Kyle, and Hutch each filled a role in supporting our ideas, moving us toward our goal, and helped focus on the issues as they arose. This company builds a fantastic home, to your desires, and keeps you in mind as the process matures. We are so proud of our “dream home” and Seaside made it all come true.”

Lee Jones

“Many years of experience in the building industry has given the “Seaside Homes family” the knowledge necessary to build a fine home. It is their “can-do” attitude and positive way of working with the prospective home owner that truly sets them apart. Our dream home is of the finest quality available, and the experience of building it with Seaside Homes was wonderful!”

Katie Jones

“Seaside Homes is reliable, dependable and a pleasure to do business with. This is the third home we have built and Seaside Homes far outshines the rest. Seaside Homes represents commitment, integrity and style and their hands on approach made them a pleasure to work with-no big surprises in the end and we were in our budget.

The Seaside family commitment to excellence makes the building process a joy! M.D. and Hutch are the dynamic duo of building.”

Paul and Kim Giovino

“M.D. & Kyle Riley and Seaside Homes were one of my first members at Towne Bank. I have known their children for many years and they are definitely a wonderful family. As a custom homebuilder in East Beach, they earn numerous kudos from both satisfied customers and the building industry. We are living in our second East Beach Home, both beautifully built by Seaside Homes. As a Private Banker, my bank does many mortgages for Seaside Homes customers. Keeping with the Riley family philosophy, our son Matt at Reliant Title, closes almost every new home purchase for Seaside Homes customers.”

Madelyn Reass

“As a first time homeowner and first experience in building new construction, Seaside made the process enjoyable and seamless. I was well informed and given the resources  necessary to make the right decisions for my perfect home. I couldn’t be happier!”

Shannon Mergoz

“My custom 2,300 square foot residence in East Beach was built in 2009 by M.D. Riley of Seaside Homes. I have known and done business with M.D.
for 40 years and could not imagine having chosen a more suitable builder whom I could trust to build a quality product at an incredibly fair price in
a reasonable time frame. In addition to providing a set of great home design plans, M.D. was willing to listen to my specific needs and make the
necessary changes to see that my home was tailor-built. His thoroughness was unmatched in terms of spelling out what I could expect from the
general building process, and his exceptional staff helped facilitate the daunting task of choosing paint and carpet colors in addition to helping me
make upgrade selections such as tile and appliances.

M.D.’s immense knowledge of all aspects of the construction process coupled with his no-nonsense, straightforward approach to project
management added a level of trust that played an integral part in my decision-making process, and I would highly recommend him to anyone
looking for a reputable home builder.”

Cat Strathmann

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