Seaside Homes commitment to excellence has put their company at the forefront of building in the East Beach community. Courtesy, integrity, and communication is the foundation on which M.D. Riley has built Seaside Homes.

An exclusive builder to the East Beach community, Seaside Homes has built more than 50 Homes, Cottages, Manor Homes and Live/Work units.  Attention to detail is the foundation of this success story.

Thirty Five years can seem like forever in the home building industry. For M.D., construction spans three generations and now includes his son-in-law, Hutch who is the field superintendent for Seaside Homes. By building strong relationships with homeowners, employees and industry professionals, Seaside promises innovation and an ongoing commitment to excellence.

Seaside Homes considers each customer a friend. And like good friends,  M.D. and Hutch make it a point to ask the right questions and listen carefully to every customer. Seaside Homes’ personalized service translates into the beautiful homes found throughout this coastal community. Having a unique understanding of every customer shows in the homes Seaside builds. Long after our homes are built, you will find M.D. and Hutch in the neighborhood, ready to assist with anything a homeowner could dream of.

East Beach is a family affair to M.D. He and his wife Kyle live in the community. His mother in law lives in the first aqua cottage on 23rd Bay.  He joking calls East Beach her Assisted Living Community.  With wonderful neighbors and family close by, she has the luxury of spending her golden years in a beautiful little coastal cottage with family and friends  ready to help out.  Their daughter Meg, her husband Hutch and two children live on 27th Bay.  Hutch is Seasides’ on site Construction Superintendent. Meg’s favorite line is “Someone pinch me, this feels like a dream!” To Meg and their children, East Beach is a dream come true. Their son Kevin, his wife Amy and 2 children live on Coventry Lane. They have built three homes in East Beach and love each one more than the last. Kevin is the General Manager for B&T Kitchens, a family owned company which furnishes cabinets and counter tops for every Seaside Home.